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Full Licence:

Module 2 (On Road Test)

Official DVSA motorcycle test: module 1

At the start of your module 2 test you will first be given an eye sight check. You must be able to read a number plate at a minimum of 20.5 metres. Following this you will be asked a couple of simple maintenance questions about the bike you are riding and then a question relating to carrying a pillion passenger.

The riding part will take approximately 40 – 45 minutes, where you will be taken onto a variety of different roads at different speeds. You will be expected to ride safely at all times, taking into consideration the actions of other road users and pedestrians.

During the test you will need to be able to negotiate:

  • Junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic lights
  • Level crossings
  • Pedestrian crossings
    Hazards (moving and stationary)

Whilst riding you will need to demonstrate:

  • Your awareness of the speed limit and an ability to ride at safe speeds
  • Correct position in the road whilst riding on single lane & dual carriageways
  • Stopping safely in traffic and parking situations
  • Following distances
  • The correct use of well timed signals
  • Well timed and appropriate rear observations
    Joining and meeting other traffic safely
    Making good progress

You will specifically be given multiple parking exercises in which you will need to find somewhere safe to pull up. You will be asked to pull up on the left clearly and safely and then move off safely.

Part of your test will also involve an independent ride, during this part of the test the examiner will simply ask you to follow directional signs, often towards the town centre or another town nearby.