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Motorcycle Clothing

What to wear!

What not to wear!

If you’re planning on riding a Moped, Scooter or Motorbike then consider carefully what you are going to wear!


It’s a legal requirement to wear one! We can supply you with one of ours for the duration of your training, or you can bring your own. Your helmet needs to be in reasonable condition, i.e. not dropped or damaged, it must fit properly as a loose fitting helmet will not be safe and a tight fitting helmet will give you a splitting headache. We would always recommend a full face helmet, or a flip front if you prefer. However, we would refrain from suggesting an open face helmet, as whilst they are legal they offer zero protection to your face or chin.


Ideally you should always be wearing a proper armoured motorcycle jacket, a thick warm waterproof one for the winter and a lighter breathable one for the summer. We will supply you with one for your training, or you may prefer to bring your own. The jacket should preferably be made of strong ©Codura type material or Motorcycle leather (Not a high street fashion leather), either that or a denim jacket with several layers underneath.


You’ll need to be wearing something strong on your legs, the minimum is Jeans and not ones that are ripped showing exposed skin. Better still would be either motorcycle jeans, motorcycle textiles such as ©Codura or proper motorcycle leathers. We absolutely will not accept, shorts, tracksuit bottoms or cotton suit trousers.


You’ll be surprised how cold your hands get on a motorbike without gloves and you’ll be even more surprised at how distracting that cold feeling can be. There really isn’t a substitute for motorcycle gloves, as nothing else will do. Light weight summer gloves for when its warm and thick waterproof one for the winter. We will provide you with a pair for your training, unless you already have you own.


Your feet need to be kept warm and dry, as sooner or later you’ll have to ride through a puddle in the rain. If all you have on is trainers you’ll have freezing cold, soaking wet feet! Not only that but you’ll need something that gives support and protection to your ankle in case you have an accident! We would recommend strong leather boots such as Dr. Martens, hiking boots, Magnum boots, or better still motorcycle boots. Definitely NO STEEL TOE CAPS, flip flops, soft canvas deck shoes, office shoes, anything that is just a slip on shoe, high heels or wellies!

If you have any concerns or questions then please give us a call to discuss it first!