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Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)

What is the ERS Scheme?

This is a training day that offers riders the opportunity to have their riding assessed by a qualified advanced riding Instructor and then offered bespoke training to address any areas that need development. You will be introduced to Roadcraft, which is a system of motorcycle control used by the Emergency services.

ERS is not a test. It is competency based training and is open to anyone with a full bike licence (A, A2, A1)

ERS is usually taught on a 2-1 basis with a maximum of two students per course. 1-2-1 training is also available. 2-1 training can only be carried out if both riders are on similar sized bikes.

How does the day run?

Initially we agree aims from the day, as all riders have different needs. The riding assessment covers different aspects of riding, with the topics and route led by your training needs.

If there are more areas of training needed we can arrange further sessions to suit. There are a maximum of 2 students on the day, although individual sessions can also be catered for.

Benefits of the training

Riders find they benefit from an independent assessment of their riding that highlights issues they were not aware of, even after many years of experience. Improved confidence, especially in slow speed control, bends & corners, and overtaking are often highlighted by students.

Completion of the day results in a DVSA ERS Certificate being issued which can help reduce insurance premiums too.

Course fee:

From £160

Our courses run on a bespoke basis with a maximum of 2 students per instructor. 121 courses are available and cost £180.

If this sounds like the right thing for you, then give us a call on 01273 452080 or send an email to for more info.

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