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New Rider Course Feature

New Rider Course

If you’re completely new to riding and feel nervous about doing the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) then you can try our New Rider Course, a 2 hour session without any pressure.

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CBT Training Feature


This is your first step to riding either a moped or motorbike. CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is scheduled as a one day course designed to teach you the basic skills required to ride on the road.

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CBT Renewels Feature

CBT Renewals

If your CBT certificate is still valid and is just about to run out, then you can book onto one of our Fast Track CBT renewal courses. We will only have other people on your course who are in a similar position.

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Full Licence Feature

Full Licence Training

We offer training for your full licence, whether it is for A1, A2 or the DAS (Direct Access Scheme) test as consecutive 4, 5, 6 or 7 days training programs.

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Rider Buddy Feature

Rider Buddy

Often after completing your CBT course there may have been some time before you’ve actually bought yourself a motorbike and you just want a little advise or support with your own bike, or maybe your not quite as confident whilst riding out on your own as you thought you might be?

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Back2Biking Feature

Back 2 Biking

Has it been a while since you last rode a motorbike? Have you got the desire to get back on a bike again? Do you want some friendly help and advice to get you back on 2 wheels safely. Maybe you should think about a back2biking course,

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Motorcycle Maintenance Feature

Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycle maintenance is a vital part of being a biker. Whether you’re riding a moped, scooter, or a 1000cc super sport. One thing remains true, if you look after your bike then your bike will look after you! Our “BOLTS” maintenance courses are an excellent way to learn some of the basic fundamentals you will need.

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