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Passed my DAS a couple of weeks ago now, having already passed my CBT with you in April. Started DAS course on the Friday, finished with both mod tests on the Tuesday morning. Absolutely loved it! The structure of the course was great, a really good mix of yard and road work. Never rushed, always at a steady pace. Only moving on when everyone was happy. What was ideal was the 2 hours on Sunday we had up at the test centre mod1 yard, it proved so helpful and it’s great you can arrange that time for your students. TTT Tony was amazing, always reassuring and so so helpful. A great teacher. When I came back to work after the course I actually missed having him in my ear-piece! He wants you to pass and will give you anything you need to make that happen. When he was waiting for us at the test centre on the day, he was pacing around like an expectant father in a hospital corridor! Everyone I met over the days – Lee, Simon, Malcolm and of course Tony, thank you all so so much.

Steve Cotton

I recently completed a CBT here and a new riders course previous. I can highly recommend both courses to anyone. The new riders course is perfect for anyone who is feeling anxious about a CBT, or anyone who is just nervous or anxious about riding and wants to learn prior to booking a CBT. I also recommend this course for anyone who wants to know if riding a bike is really for them. On the new riders course, I had Steve. Steve encouraged me when i was getting anxious and encourage some breathing exercises, which was extremely helpful. I also had Steve for my CBT. At the start of my CBT I was extremely nervous and anxious, but thanks to Steve’s reassurance, confidence in me and his encouragement, I beat my problems and completed the CBT. The whole day was great and fun and I enjoyed it a lot. The road ride was lovely, and super enjoyable. Steve made the day wonderful, and he helped me a lot when I got nervous so thank you Steve! I highly recommend safe ride to anyone, the instructors here are lovely, patient, passionate about what they’re doing, understanding and extremely helpful. They’re also super safe. I had a brilliant day here, both on the new riders course and the CBT, will definitely come back to get my full licence!
Many thanks,

Lucy McGuire

I have recently passed my DAS with Saferide and the training was excellent! I did my CBT with Malcolm in September 2016 which lead me to return to complete my DAS with Saferide as the the CBT course was fantastic. Simon was my instructor this time for my DAS and again the training and content of the course was excellent. He was very knowledgable (as you would expect) patient and made you feel at ease and that helped me through the course………. but the singing? He should definitely stick to the day job! Again, thanks to everyone I met throughout the 5 days of the course and I would highly recommend Saferide to anyone who is looking at having motorcycle training.
Many thanks,

Aaron Brewer

Amazing day, fantastic teaching from Tony (and Dave). Patience and clear instructions all day, made me feel very relaxed throughout the whole day. On Road training perhaps being the highlight of the day once the skill sets were sufficiently built up. Cracking jokes all day and a good in-depth knowledge of machines, the mechanisms and the practicalities of the highway code; most importantly how to keep yourself and others safe on road. Definitely feel confident on a motorcycle after today. Look forward to doing my DAS in the future once I’ve taken a 125 through different weather conditions and roads.

Louis Bear

Thank you all at Saferide, especially Tony for getting me through my DAS course eventually, I couldn’t have done it without your tireless patience and encouragement.

Paula Berry

Awesome experience, from beginning to end the instructor (Tony) made me feel super comfortable and confident, I only ever felt positively encouraged. Especially as a young female motorcyclist, this could’ve been a daunting task, but i was made to feel empowered and confident in learning and passing the A2! Couldn’t recommend more highly.
Thanks again Tony,

Josie Lori

Would just like to say how much I recommend this training school! Everyone there was very friendly but Tony in particular (as he trained me) was amazing! He was a laugh as well as very good at his job! It certainly helped that I passed my module one but I can honestly say that I would recommend this school if I’d failed as the teaching couldn’t have been better. I can also hand on heart say I really enjoyed the day, which I could not say about all training schools. Also Lee was very helpful and accommodating in getting me booked in!Thanks guys!

Erin Lever

I thought I would need 1 days training to pass my full motorbike test, they said I should really do 4 days, I did, and I’m so glad for it. I passed first time .. ONLY because of the training. Tony is a brilliant coach, he keeps it fun, relaxed and makes sure you know exactly what you need to know. I had a great time whilst gaining my full license. Thanks Tony !!

Joe Davies

A fantastic team of instructors, i’m so grateful to Steve and Tony for their unwaivering support through CBT, rider buddy days and DAS. Thrilled to pass first time. Every part of training was enjoyable, the time and effort Tony invests in making sure we’re happy is invaluable!

Jacqui Atkinson

Passed today !! Tony was great. Taught me everything I needed and more. Friendly and considerate. The whole experience was great fun and I’d recommend saferide to anyone who wants to get on 2 wheels. Now take me to the Harley shop?

Alex Booth

Just spent a brilliant day with Tony. Not been on a bike for 18 years so thought it a good idea to get some pointers. Borrowed one of the bikes and gear (didn’t want to buy anything in case I decided not to have a bike afterwards). After a good humoured introduction Tony listened to my concerns and what I wanted to get out if the day. He then designed the day to meet my needs. Fantastic fun. Learned loads as well. Tony was covering lots advanced course stuff and I am definitely a better rider now. Looking for a bike now. Hooked, again.

Dave Stokes

I just passed my CBT today and have a huge amount of gratitude towards Malcolm and those who run SAFERiDE. Got a call the night before from a lovely woman just confirming my training and what I need to bring. Me and the other chap Paul who took the training arrived early and we got stuck in at 8:30. Malcolm is a very relaxed and calm individual, exactly what you need when you’re a bit nervous. We were eased into it with a talk about clothing and safety, moving the bike by hand and then slowly using the bike. Everything was done at a high standard and if you needed more time to practise a manoeuvre it was always encouraged, never a negative moment or glance. I did mine on a automatic 125cc while Paul did his on a manual. He got on great as he had already taken the new riders course. By the afternoon was the almost dreaded road ride. Within 5 minutes (it felt like) all the training was clearly working and confidence goes through the roof. As someone who has never driven anything with an engine this was invigorating. It felt like we were out on the road for about 30 minutes when it had been near on 3 hours. That may have been down to mine and paul’s inapt listening skills because we took a few detours from Malcolm’s route. Something about herding cats ? Cannot recommend this service enough and look forward to further training towards using gears, motorcycle maintenance and possibly a full license.

John Sacco

I would like to say a big thank you to Tony for his excellent training off and on the road,his patience and for helping me get through my DAS on Tuesday,everyone at saferide was so friendly and helpful.
I would highly recommend highly Saferide.

Paul Godden

I’m pleased to say I’ve passed my DAS course, which I would have got no way near if it hadn’t been for the insightful teaching skill, patience and humour of Saferider instructor SIMON GRIFFIN, his consummate rider wisdom and safety consciousness will guide me always. I can’t imagine more secure and inspiring hands to train with.
Highly recommended.

Andrew Whiston