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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and what you need to know about motorcycle, scooter and moped training and learning to ride with SafeRide. We also provide information about how to get started, what tests to take, CBT courses and how to gain your full licence.

What time do courses start?

All courses except “new rider” start at 08:30 promptly unless otherwise stated or agreed. (New rider course start times do vary so please call to confirm the start time).

What is CBT?

CBT is Compulsory Basic Training, it is not a test. for more info click here

Do I need to do a CBT course?

If you have held a full car licence since before January 2001 and only wish to ride a 49cc moped then no, as you already have a moped licence (category P). In all other instances you must have a valid CBT certificate to ride on the road.

At what age can I do a CBT course?

At 16 you can do your CBT on a 49cc moped, at 17 you can do your CBT on a 125cc motorbike.

I did my CBT on an automatic bike, can I ride a manual?

Legally… yes! Practically, well that depends on whether you know how to ride with clutch and gears? Give us a call to arrange a geared upgrade lesson to learn how to do it safely.

What do I need to do my CBT?

A UK driving licence (provisional or full), a good working knowledge of the highway code and a sprinkle of common sense! More info on your driving licence can be found here.

I have an E.U. driving licence, can I take my CBT, theory test or practical test with this licence?

No, whilst your licence is valid in the UK for 12 months from date of entry to the UK it is only valid for the full entitlements that you currently have. You cannot take any kind of training or tests with this licence unless you either have your licence converted to a UK licence or fill out a D9 form here. More information on the UK style licence can be found here

Can I fail CBT?

CBT is not a test, it’s training. However you must reach the minimum standards as it’s about road safety. It does not matter how good your machine control is if you have not read and understood the highway code or visa versa.  You must demonstrate an equal ability in practical and theory to be allowed onto the road and once on the road you need to put that ability into practice. CBT certificates do not get issued just because you turned up!

Which bike should I use for CBT?

It is ultimately is your decision. If you only need to get around the city centre or commuting to the train station, then an automatic scooter will do the job and would be easier to learn. If you wish to ride bigger bikes, or fulfil the dream of touring abroad then you will need a full motorcycle licence, in which case you should do your CBT on a manual and start as you mean to continue.

I've never ridden before but I want to try?

You might want to try the new rider course first, especially if you’re feeling nervous?

What happens if I don't turn up for my training?

Please read our Terms & Conditions. We have a very strict cancellation policy.

I want to take my test and burn these L plates?

  • At 17 you can take the A1 test, this will allow you to ride a 125cc without L plates, take passengers, ride on motorways, ride abroad and is valid for life so no more re-taking CBT.
  • At 19 you can take the A2 test, this will allow you to ride bigger bikes up to 47 bhp. There is no CC limit but if you buy a bike with more than 47Bhp then you must get it restricted. You are only allowed to restrict a bike by 50% of its original power so the biggest bike you can buy is 94BHp. There are plenty of decent bikes in this power range but you will not be riding any of the big sports bikes yet. Once you have held the A2 licence for 2 years you can then progress onto taking the category A test to get the full unrestricted licence.
  • At 24 you can take the category A licence otherwise known as the Direct Access Scheme (DAS). This will give you instant access to any size and any power you like.

Do I need to pass my motorcycle theory test?

Not for CBT but yes if you want to go on and take the practical tests! Even if you have a full car licence you still need to pass the motorcycle theory test. You can book your theory test online here

Do I have to take my test on a manual bike?

No! you can take your test on an automatic bike if you wish but you will then only have an automatic licence.

What happens if I fail my motorcycle test?

In order to get your motorcycle licence you need to pass both the module 1 and 2 practical tests. If you fail the module 1 test you will forfeit the module 2 test and have to wait 3 working days before you can retake the module 1 test. If you pass the module 1 but fail the module 2 you will have to wait 10 working days before you can retake the module 2 test. IMPORTANT you must have a valid theory certificate when taking either test. Your module 1 certificate will expire the same day as your theory test certificate so please make sure you have plenty of time left. DO NOT LEAVE IT UNTIL 2 WEEKS BEFORE IT RUNS OUT!!!

Do I need to know the highway code?

ABSOLUTELY! We will not take you out on the road if you do not have a reasonable knowledge of the highway code. You can see an online version of the Highway code at:

What about refunds?

This is clearly stated in our terms & conditions, see here. However in mitigating circumstances the following may apply:

If you cancel or need to reschedule your training with short notice we will make every effort to sell your space on the training course to another student or swap you with another student on another day if at all possible. At our discretion, a partial refund will only be offered once all costs involved in the organising and partial running of your course have been deducted at our full daily rate including days where you failed to attend. Your refund, if any will be whatever is left after costs.

Can I purchase gift vouchers?

Yes! We offer gift vouchers for all of our courses. Please call us on 01273 452080 to enquire and purchase.