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Instructor Training

Instructor Training

Do you think you have the skills to become an instructor?

If you’ve held a full licence for a minimum of 3 years, it’s clean of any points and you have a clear 5 year history with no convictions, then maybe you have what it takes to become an instructor.

Do you have:

  • Patience
  • An eye for detail
  • Excellent riding skills (slow & fast)
  • The desire to help others learn in a safe environment
  • The ability to communicate clearly without prejudice
  • Are you in good general health

There are 3 stages to becoming a fully qualified instructor:

Stage 1 - Down Training

You’ll be training in a live working environment whenever possible, watching and learning the necessary skills to become a CBT instructor. How long this takes depends largely on you! The more time and effort you put into it the quicker you will progress, between 2-4 weeks on average if you put some effort in. We will assess your ability to instruct in a safe environment and once you have passed your first assessment we will apply to the DVSA for your licence to be a “down trained” Instructor. This means you will be licensed under SAFERIDE to carry out CBT training under our supervision.

Stage 2 - CBTIC (DVSA Assessed)

Once you have become a Down Trained Instructor and you’ve gained some experience, we will put in an application for you to attend the DVSA assessment centre. The CBT assessment is a 2 day course where your skills as an instructor will tested. On successful completion you will become an assessed CBT instructor (CBT1C). Once you have your CBT1C licence you will be qualified to teach CBT anywhere you choose, as well as being qualified to run your own school and teach other instructors.

Stage 3 - CBTIC (Direct Access)

When you have successfully completed your CBT1C you can start working towards your CBT1D. This is the licence to teach larger capacity machines for the full motorcycle test (Direct Access). Once you are confident in your skills you will return to the DVSA assessment centre for a half day assessment. On successful completion you will then be fully qualified as a motorcycle instructor.

Course fee: £0!

So what do you need to do?

If this sounds like the right thing for you, call us to arrange a meeting, then come and watch a days training in progress and see if you still like the idea.

To discuss further, call

Some advice:

Be cautious of companies, or agencies offering quick solutions to your training. If they tell you they can get you through your DVSA assessment in a fortnight or less for £2000, then I would suggest that they’re doing exactly that; training you to pass your DVSA assessment. This is not the same as being trained to be a competent instructor. Passing the assessment is required to teach, but what makes a good instructor is hands on experience and a fortnights course costing £2000 would not necessarily achieve that. Good instructors work hard at perfecting their skills and that only comes with time and experience!

Shop around, make inquiries, find out what your getting for your money before you go parting with it.