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Course Requirements

You must be a confident 125cc geared bike rider with a minimum 2-3 months regular road riding experience under your belt. If you do not meet this criteria but would like to progress onward to full licence please contact us for a DAS/A2 assessment day.

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Unless you are an experienced rider and are familiar with driving around the Burgess Hill area, we recommend taking the course over 5 days.

PLEASE NOTE: 4 day courses run over 5 days with a rest day on Monday and your tests on Tuesday if you start your course on a Friday or a rest day on Wednesday and your tests on Thursday if you start your course on a Sunday.

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Mental health is important to us here at Saferide. Riding a motorcycle requires concentration and a focused mind. Your safety, and that of other road users, is our priority. Before you complete your booking, please call us if you have any concerns as to your suitability for this course.

Pay a deposit of £200.00 per item