Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


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Do you have a good command of English? *

Don’t have a good command of English

You need to have a good command of English to complete your CBT as we will be asking questions throughout the day and giving instructions via one way radio during the road ride.

Do you have a basic understanding of the Highway Code? *

No basic understanding of the Highway Code

If you don’t have a basic understanding of the Highway Code you will not be able to complete your CBT. Completion at a later date will incur a return fee of £80-£90.

Have you completed a New Rider course? *

Not taken New Rider Course

If you are completely new to riding or have minimal riding experience, we strongly advise booking a New Rider Course before booking the CBT, particularly if you are taking the CBT on a geared (manual) bike and haven’t ridden one before. Non completion of your CBT will incur a return fee of £80-£90.

Do you hold a valid and up to date UK driving licence? *

Don’t have a UK Licence?

You must have a UK driving licence (provisional or full) to take your CBT and your booking cannot be processed without a UK licence number being entered. If you have a driving licence issued from an EU/EEA country you will need to fill out a D9 application. If your licence was issued outside of the EU/EEA then you will need to contact the DVLA to apply for a UK provisional driving licence.

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Peace Of Mind Cover

If you do not meet the required safety standard on day one of your training, our Peace Of Mind Cover pays for a second day of training at a reduced rate. We strongly recommend this as an option to novice and nervous riders who haven’t booked a New Rider Course. Standard CBT Completion rates of £80 otherwise apply.