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Passed my DAS a couple of weeks ago now, having already passed my CBT with you in April. Started DAS course on the Friday, finished with both mod tests on the Tuesday morning. Absolutely loved it! The structure of the course was great, a really good mix of yard and road work. Never rushed, always at a steady pace. Only moving on when everyone was happy. What was ideal was the 2 hours on Sunday we had up at the test centre mod1 yard, it proved so helpful and it’s great you can arrange that time for your students. TTT Tony was amazing, always reassuring and so so helpful. A great teacher. When I came back to work after the course I actually missed having him in my ear-piece! He wants you to pass and will give you anything you need to make that happen. When he was waiting for us at the test centre on the day, he was pacing around like an expectant father in a hospital corridor! Everyone I met over the days – Lee, Simon, Malcolm and of course Tony, thank you all so so much.
Steve Cotton
I recently completed a CBT here and a new riders course previous. I can highly recommend both courses to anyone. The new riders course is perfect for anyone who is feeling anxious about a CBT, or anyone who is just nervous or anxious about riding and wants to learn prior to booking a CBT. I also recommend this course for anyone who wants to know if riding a bike is really for them. On the new riders course, I had Steve. Steve encouraged me when i was getting anxious and encourage some breathing exercises, which was extremely helpful. I also had Steve for my CBT. At the start of my CBT I was extremely nervous and anxious, but thanks to Steve’s reassurance, confidence in me and his encouragement, I beat my problems and completed the CBT. The whole day was great and fun and I enjoyed it a lot. The road ride was lovely, and super enjoyable. Steve made the day wonderful, and he helped me a lot when I got nervous so thank you Steve! I highly recommend safe ride to anyone, the instructors here are lovely, patient, passionate about what they’re doing, understanding and extremely helpful. They’re also super safe. I had a brilliant day here, both on the new riders course and the CBT, will definitely come back to get my full licence!
Lucy McGuire
I have recently passed my DAS with Saferide and the training was excellent! I did my CBT with Malcolm in September 2016 which lead me to return to complete my DAS with Saferide as the the CBT course was fantastic. Simon was my instructor this time for my DAS and again the training and content of the course was excellent. He was very knowledgable (as you would expect) patient and made you feel at ease and that helped me through the course………. but the singing? He should definitely stick to the day job! Again, thanks to everyone I met throughout the 5 days of the course and I would highly recommend Saferide to anyone who is looking at having motorcycle training.Many thanks, Aaron Brewer
Aaron Brewer
Amazing day, fantastic teaching from Tony (and Dave). Patience and clear instructions all day, made me feel very relaxed throughout the whole day. On Road training perhaps being the highlight of the day once the skill sets were sufficiently built up. Cracking jokes all day and a good in-depth knowledge of machines, the mechanisms and the practicalities of the highway code; most importantly how to keep yourself and others safe on road. Definitely feel confident on a motorcycle after today. Look forward to doing my DAS in the future once I’ve taken a 125 through different weather conditions and roads.
Louis Bear
Thank you all at Saferide, especially Tony for getting me through my DAS course eventually, I couldn’t have done it without your tireless patience and encouragement.
Paula Berry
Would just like to say how much I recommend this training school! Everyone there was very friendly but Tony in particular (as he trained me) was amazing! He was a laugh as well as very good at his job! It certainly helped that I passed my module one but I can honestly say that I would recommend this school if I’d failed as the teaching couldn’t have been better. I can also hand on heart say I really enjoyed the day, which I could not say about all training schools. Also Lee was very helpful and accommodating in getting me booked in!Thanks guys!
Erin Lever
I thought I would need 1 days training to pass my full motorbike test, they said I should really do 4 days, I did, and I’m so glad for it. I passed first time .. ONLY because of the training. Tony is a brilliant coach, he keeps it fun, relaxed and makes sure you know exactly what you need to know. I had a great time whilst gaining my full license. Thanks Tony !!
Joe Davies
A fantastic team of instructors, i’m so grateful to Steve and Tony for their unwaivering support through CBT, rider buddy days and DAS. Thrilled to pass first time. Every part of training was enjoyable, the time and effort Tony invests in making sure we’re happy is invaluable!
Jacqui Atkinson
Passed today !! Tony was great. Taught me everything I needed and more. Friendly and considerate. The whole experience was great fun and I’d recommend saferide to anyone who wants to get on 2 wheels. Now take me to the Harley shop?
Alex Booth
I just passed my CBT today and have a huge amount of gratitude towards Malcolm and those who run SAFERiDE. Got a call the night before from a lovely woman just confirming my training and what I need to bring. Me and the other chap Paul who took the training arrived early and we got stuck in at 8:30. Malcolm is a very relaxed and calm individual, exactly what you need when you’re a bit nervous. We were eased into it with a talk about clothing and safety, moving the bike by hand and then slowly using the bike. Everything was done at a high standard and if you needed more time to practise a manoeuvre it was always encouraged, never a negative moment or glance. I did mine on a automatic 125cc while Paul did his on a manual. He got on great as he had already taken the new riders course. By the afternoon was the almost dreaded road ride. Within 5 minutes (it felt like) all the training was clearly working and confidence goes through the roof. As someone who has never driven anything with an engine this was invigorating. It felt like we were out on the road for about 30 minutes when it had been near on 3 hours. That may have been down to mine and paul’s inapt listening skills because we took a few detours from Malcolm’s route. Something about herding cats 😉 Cannot recommend this service enough and look forward to further training towards using gears, motorcycle maintenance and possibly a full license.
John Sacco
I would like to say a big thank you to Tony for his excellent training off and on the road,his patience and for helping me get through my DAS on Tuesday,everyone at saferide was so friendly and helpful.
I would highly recommend highly Saferide
Paul Godden
Just spent a brilliant day with Tony. Not been on a bike for 18 years so thought it a good idea to get some pointers. Borrowed one of the bikes and gear (didn’t want to buy anything in case I decided not to have a bike afterwards). After a good humoured introduction Tony listened to my concerns and what I wanted to get out if the day. He then designed the day to meet my needs. Fantastic fun. Learned loads as well. Tony was covering lots advanced course stuff and I am definitely a better rider now. Looking for a bike now. Hooked, again.
Dave Stokes
Awesome experience, from beginning to end the instructor (Tony) made me feel super comfortable and confident, I only ever felt positively encouraged. Especially as a young female motorcyclist, this could’ve been a daunting task, but i was made to feel empowered and confident in learning and passing the A2! Couldn’t recommend more highly. Thanks again Tony, Josie
Josie Lori
I’m pleased to say I’ve passed my DAS course, which I would have got no way near if it hadn’t been for the insightful teaching skill, patience and humour of Saferider instructor SIMON GRIFFIN, his consummate rider wisdom and safety consciousness will guide me always. I can’t imagine more secure and inspiring hands to train with.
Highly recommended.
Sincerely, Andrew Whiston
Andrew Whiston
I Passed my DAS with Saferide!.

First, I passed my CBT in May, with instructors Tony and Simon.
With that excellent foundation I took to the road with L plates.

5 months later I was back for the 5 day DAS course. I passed this too, as did lovely fellow student on the course Lorain.

Simon’s aim is to train and prepare us for a life of biking and not just to pass the test.
If a student isn’t getting something, Simon will seek to find an approach to teaching that will fit that particular student-in that particular moment.

…and I loved the Yamaha MT07’s supplied for the course-Awesome!.

Simon Repetto

Simon Repetto
Just completed my DAS course & passed both my module 1 & 2 with Saferide.
My instructor Simon was an absolute pleasure to learn with, great sense of humour and inspired confidence throughout. I felt not only prepared for my tests but also for my life on the road afterwards! Cheers.
Dan Bradley
I am so pleased to say I passed my DAS with saferide. The instructor Simon was fantastic, he has a good sense of humor, his instruction is clear with a no nonsense approach. The only problem being I know his voice will be stuck in my head for a long time, along with the singing.
All the other guys I met at saferide are excellent, helpful and supportive which gives you a lot of confidence.
I recommend you guys too anyone I know who wants to train Thank you,
Ewan Hinks
CBT, mod 1, and mod 2 in 5 days…Simon you are an amazing instructor and I will remember all of your advice and tips. Although still leaning towards a superbike 🙂 Thank you for everything! I will recommend you to everyone. Many thanks for a brilliant 5 days and all the best to you and saferide
Troy Lashmar
I did my CBT with SafeRide a year ago when I turned 16 and just came back to do my A1 with them, and all I can say is I’m glad I did. Couldn’t have had a better instructor, and not only did I learn a load on my five day course, thanks to Tony, I had a fun time doing it too – in fact I’m taking off my L-plates at this very moment!
Philip Hartfield
So I did my CBT at the end of the year (2016) with Tony after riding scooters for a long time on my car license, I jumped straight onto a real geared bike and with his help flew through my CBT. Today (10th Jan 2017) I passed my full license after a short 3 day intensive course, 3 days training then the 4th day a little bit of training and the tests, I did this with Simon.The training I have received has been excellent, critical where needed but also praise when you do good, it’s exactly what you need to train you properly but put you at ease enough to do your test. The guys are great and the whole place is very organised.
Happy to recommend them to anyone else…
Lee Morrison
Fantastic training from Simon you couldn’t ask for a better teacher. He is very knowledgeable and patient with a good spence of humour to top it off. The training bike I was on was fantastic the Yamaha MT07. I felt safe and confident throughout my training we had some fun rides in some rather bad weather and learnt plenty of new skills on the roads to be confident and safe. Would recommend this school to everyone. As long as you listen to the instructors you will have no issues passing! If I can do it anyone can! All the best
Luke Pelham
A big thank you to Tony. From the first day I arrived to the moment I held my Motrocycle A licence in hand after an intensive 5 day course, Tony was very supportive throughout. Tony showed a lot of passion for getting his students safely up to test standard. He is not only a gentleman but loves what he does. I couldn’t have done it without his professionalism. Thank you Tony!
Marcus Ffinch Mitchell
Would thoroughly recommend the new rider course to anyone thinking about doing a cbt who hasn’t ridden a bike before. Oz was incredibly patient and friendly and put me totally at ease, and despite me not being the most practical person I quickly felt confident on the bike. Cbt is now booked for next week and I’m so glad to have that bit of experience that the new rider offered!
Deborah Stacey
I would like to thanks Saferide for my CBT training, which was delivered in a way that it made me feel confident, by clearly relaying the basics of motorbike training. Moreover it was fun! Would highly recommend Saferide, particularly for women – learning about bikes in an environment that isn’t patronising. Malcolm is a star.

Kelly Hannah-Rogers
I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of Tony (and his questionable jokes) for my CBT, bolts course and DAS!
I started on the CBT with Saferiders in May 2016 having never sat on a motorbike before. Tony’s patience and encouragement throughout the day was key to getting me through. Having ‘got the bug’ I chose to buy a YBR125 to get some road experience and build my confidence in riding. Come March 2017 I booked onto the 5 day DAS course. I found this to be just the right amount of time to get used to a bigger bike, but also to have enough riding experience to feel fully prepared for the 2 modules required to obtain the full licence. The 5 days were an absolute pleasure and I felt confident of passing throughout, thanks to Tony’s expert tutelage. I would thoroughly recommend Saferiders if you are looking at getting into riding for the first time or taking the tests to move up to a bigger bike.
Thank you Saferiders!!

Chris Whippy
I’d like to say a big thanks to SafeRide, and specifically to Simon, for my time training with them. After an intense 3 day course of 1 on 1 training with Simon, I managed to pass my DAS with clean sheets for both the module 1 and 2. I had a fantastic few days riding on a great bike, with a fantastic instructor. I would highly recommend these guys to all my friends and family!
Ian Dickson
Just passed my full bike licence with the help of Simon at SafeRide. Great Instructor who makes you feel at ease through the training. Highly recommended if you are looking to do bike training. Wouldn’t have been able to complete it without Simon’s encouragement. Thanks again to you all at SafeRide
Dan Lewry
Just a quick line to say what a great experience it has been getting my full licence via DAS with SafeRide.
The facilities they have in Southwick are good, the bikes (MT07’s) are great and the instruction received (from Simon) was outstanding. After only spending 2 days in the last 20 years riding bikes, Simon managed to get me from pretty much novice level to confident and safe in any situation in 3 days and on to passing both Mod 1 & 2 tests with only 1 minor fault between them. Honestly one of the best experiences I have had this side of my teens!
Thanks guys!
Dave Gordon
Can’t recommend you guys enough passed my cbt last year and my das yesterday, really enjoyed the whole experience, Tony my instructor was great as all the staff was, thanks again, happy riding
James Lewis
I had the pleasure of a 2 hour new riders course yesterday . OZ was our instructor a lovely friendly chap He made it a great experience . I’d recommend this course to everyone who’s considering taking their CBT it certainly prepared me for mine which I took today. Malcolm took us through the CBT training which was thorough and covered every aspect of riding safely. When we headed out onto the road for the two hours required we were Joined by Tony who’s one of the other trainers. He’s a smashing bloke with a big sense of humour . I was quite nervous at first but he was calm and reassuring and I soon got into the swing of riding out in traffic something I hadn’t done for many years. I’m now looking forward to buying a 125cc and enjoying two wheels again. Thanks guys, Graham
Graham Hunt
I was pretty nervous when it came to taking my module 1 and 2 tests again, after riding on my A2 license I was worried that I wouldn’t do so well and wonder how I’ve managed to be riding for the past 2 years! I went out with Simon and instantly felt better and more confident. He is a brilliant instructor, very patient and helpful, and knows exactly what he’s doing. All of the staff here I have spoken to are very friendly and have a brilliant sense of humor. Thank you very much guys!!
Alex Powell
I had a brilliant time and want to thank Tony in particular. He is a brilliant instructor, patient , knowledgeable and the teller of many bad jokes. Riding with Tony has been an absolute pleasure and by the time the tests came round I felt confident in my riding skills. Very impressed by Safe Riders and would happily recommend the company to anyone who wants to learn to ride.
Keiron Northmore
Passed both mod 1 and 2 with no faults or minors… they must be doing something right 😛 highly recommended
Chris Green
Nathan took me from cbt to full licence in a week and i learnt so much, Nathan is an excellent instructor and i would highly recommend him, a lot of my friends have recently passed with other instructors and by the sounds of it i’m so glad i went with saferide. thank you very much good luck with everything Mark Pickett
Mark Pickett
You couldn’t meet a nicer bloke. Saferide is professional, affordable and Nathan gives 110% every time. thanks Nathan can’t wait to pop to yours on the ninja lol
Gary Ball
Hello, Done CBT on the Sunday, then DAS Tues, Wed, Thurs and test on Friday. Passed both, cheers Nathan! One word of warning for any of you taller people who may want to do your bike lessons… Nathan finds it highly amusing for you to sit on the 125cc as it looks like a minimoto!! When you’ve passed, don’t forget Nathan will by you breakfast/lunch 🙂 Once again thanks Nathan, keep up the good work!! EDITED by Nathan: No! he wont buy you breakfast/lunch 🙂
Dave Roberts
I Just completed a refresher course and thoroughly recommend Nathan to anyone thinking of getting back into biking after a long absence. Nathan was patient and focussed, he quickly spotted my weaknesses and got me to work on these repeatedly. I am now confident enough to get on the bike I bought a couple of weeks ago and start riding again. Thanks Nathan, I really enjoyed the day.
Ramsay Grant
Nathan took me through my CBT right through to get my full bike licence. I Couldn’t have asked for anymore from an instructor! Made me feel safe and completely at ease whilst on the road. Any issues you may have while learning, Nathan makes sure are ironed out till you are 100% happy. Once again thanks Nathan!
Adrian Rodgers
I had an A2 licence (restricted to 125cc) and i did an Accelerated course with Nathan, I had been working as a motorcycle courier for about 5 years so i had picked up a lot of bad habits. After 1 day training with Nathan I passed my module 1 and 2! Great guy & makes learning fun and easy! I would definitely recommend learning/training with Saferide.
I passed my DAS course first time within 5 days thanks to Nathan. It was a tough week but Nathan is a great instructor and i would recommend Saferide to anyone. Cheers Nathan!
Adam Taylor
I did my CBT on the Sunday and trained all week with my mod 1+2 tests on the Friday. Absolutely brilliant training all week. Nathan was great all week, i would highly recommend saferide for everyone!!!
Mark Lavery
i got my full licence yesterday! Feels amazing and can’t wait to go and buy my bike! I trained with Nathan from scratch, CBT and DAS. I would highly recommend him as an instructor and here’s why, Nathan took me from knowing nothing, to being a safe, confident rider by building skills not only in handling the bike appropriately, but most importantly in planning, observation and anticipation so that I can be as safe as I possibly can be on the road, and really enjoy riding. Nathan will not sugar coat his assessment of your skills. If he feels you need to work on something, he will tell you straight, and when he tells you you’ve done something well, you will know that he really means it. Nathan will guide your development as a rider, so that you will know how to assess your own riding in the future, and will be confident and safe on the road. I improved every time I went out on the road with Nathan and that is because he won’t just spend hours and hours on test routes so that you might be able to fluke your test (as I had heard some instructors do), he trains you to become a great rider on ANY road, at ANY time, for life. Cheers Nathan, see you when I get my CBR600! Rich Harvey
Rich Harvey
I Passed my test on the 11th of nNov. with the help given i passed both modules 1st time. At the beginning of the lessons i thought i would struggle but the training was brilliant. I strongly recommend saferide to anyone looking to do their test. Thanks for the help.
Shane Gander
Special thanks goes to Doug who stood in for you and put up with both me & Jacko and some of the worst weather we’ve had all year. 2nd bite at the cherry required after my little accident during training and the failure of Mod 1 last month. Sailed through this time. Bike runs like a dream & Catch up with you one weekend at the training site. Cheers Chris
Chris Maginnis
As a biker from the early Beatles era, I thought I should have some proper instruction as I am now occasionally riding a bike in my retirement. I chose the coldest and wettest day of the year, but Nathan made the course fun, and I learned an enormous amount. I may now think about graduating from my Honda CG125, although I will continue as a mainly fair-weather biker. Nathan is observant and noticed all my bad habits after our initial ride. However, his instruction is delivered in a very constructive manner and he has a wealth of knowledge. Thanks Nathan!
Jim Gates
Thanks Nathan for your professional tuition, patience and understanding. Anyone needing to learn this is the place to come trust me you wont get better. thanks again to all your team. Martin.
Martin Taylor
Thanks very much Nathan and Nigel !!!! i really had a great time despite the weather on a couple of the days! I did my cbt with Nigel who was a good teacher then two weeks later did my Direct Access with Nathan, passed my module 1 and 2 first time!! and had a good time in the process, Nathan is a very good teacher with good social skills, i learnt a lot and was under instruction, but it always felt like a good day out with your mates for a ride. again thanks Nathan cheers Mike
Mike Long
Thanks to Nathan for all his patience and flexibility whilst test after test was cancelled due to the ice and snow. He still managed to find me test dates that fitted in with my complex shift pattern even starting at 06:30 am on my final test date. (Truly heroic in sub zero temperatures ). The training was constructive and concise from Nathan and I also had an excellent days training with Doug. In short a top school with good friendly people who care a lot about there work and even more about the safety of there riders. Loving life on my GSX600F.
Richard Jackson
Massive thanks to Nigel and Drew for their patience, insight and sense of humour. We never realised how much we were going to learn in the short time we spent with saferide. Not only was it informative and eye-opening but also a whole lot of fun made true by the excellent attitudes of the instuctors on the day. Can’t wait till we come back and go for our full licences.Thanks so much guys, recommendations to all our friends and everybody else.
Gavin and Jerusha
Nathan, and Drew, showed remarkable patience, good humour and persistence in encouraging me to see the error of my ways! And, in going on and on …..and on……Nathan got me through CBT, Module 1 and the Practical. Miracles can happen!. Thanks Guys. I would recommend you to anybody.
I did my cbt with Nigel who was a good teacher then two weeks later did my Direct Access with Nathan, passed my module 1 and 2 first time on 30.03 very wet, windy and cold day. And I never had riden bike before SAFERIDE training. Thanks Guys!! Jacek
I did my DAS with Nathan, a great course and great fun. Excellent few days made easier by outstanding training. Passed both module 1 & 2 first time with clean sheets on both. Many thanks to Nathan and the team. Highly recommended training school. Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan
Passed yesterday the CBT! Thank you very much for patience! Great training, very professional. For sure will be back for DAS =) Bart
Bartosz W
I want to basically write a small appreciation of the outstanding service you provided for me, thanks for getting me my licence (it arrived in the post a few days ago, and also a refund of the £17.50 which was a pleasant surprise) from the moment I emailed/spoke to you on the phone I was delighted with the service and assistance you provided, I always intended to do the restricted test but am delighted that not only have I got my full licence but I also got to be taught on and learn about bigger bikes. Once again thanks and hopefully see you out on the road sometime on me shiny new black bike. Cheers Dave
Dave Cumins
Hi Nat, Just wanted to say a big thankyou for getting me through my DAS. You’re a great instructor and it is nice to be made so welcome and put at ease! Many thanks Steve
Steve Swain
I Did my CBT and a 3 day intensive course with SAFERiDE for my full motorcycle license. Before this I’d never ridden before in my life so to pass with only 2 minors was a great relief and achievement. Nathan gives you the right training, knows what he’s talking about and I’m confident that I’ll be safe on the road. Adam
Adam Craven
I Did my CBT and then 2 days training for the A2 motorcycle license with Nathan. Passed the test first time with a clean sheet.Really impressed with the quality of training, knowledge and attention to detail. Excellent instructor who gives you lots of confidence and good advice.Cheers Nathan. Big thank you!
Alex Adams
…after 3 weeks of kicking myself for going the wrong way up a 1 way street first time round, (still can’t believe i did that) Nathan got me through with a faultless pass. Can’t recommend him highly enough, a quality instructor and good bloke to boot. My other half’s looking forward to meeting him for cbt. Cheers Nathan, be seeing you.
Rupert Langdon
Well what can i say about Nathan. Makes a good cuppa tea, a great down to earth guy who will tell you when you do something wrong. But is one of the nicest guys i have met……………. Ok thats the £20 of arse licking lol Great instructor and would recommend him to any new rider or even someone who just wants to refresh on what they know. Cheers Nathan cant wait to go out for a ride and see if you can keep up
Andy Brown
had a mad week with Nathan starting with the cbt one day then 2 days later had the theory test then the next day had my practical and passed thanks to a lot off hard work and a good trainer thanks mate and keep up the diet lol glen
Glen Shaw
I found Nathan in the friday-ad. a really nice friendly person. i booked a cbt course, then a 3 day direct access. if you want to learn to ride a motorcycle properly & safely then Nathan’s your man. thanks again for all your time and effort, helping me pass my test first time.
Tony Woods
Well what can i say, great instructor and top bloke. I was one of his last students to do the old test and pass with only 4 minors. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to ride. Thanks again for all your help
Thomas Dacosta
Passed 3 days ago and bought my bike 2 days ago! I had ridden a bit in the past but really learnt loads with Nathan, Did Monday to Friday and passed both parts first time, even though I did do my own take on a figure of 8 and completely went off course! Love being out on the bike, any excuse to go for a ride and i’m off! Highly reccommend him!
Scott Herlock
Thanks so much, passed my test yesterday. Nathan was fab and just after 3, 3 hour sessions had increased my confidence by 100% and got me through the test. Would highly recommend Nathan as a trainer, good sense of humour and very patient!! Amanda and her Leopard Skin Vespa
Amanda Phelan
Thank you Nathan. Passed my module 2 today after failing first time as I stupidly forgot to cancel my indicator light on the road back into the test centre… DOH! My first time riding a motorbike was my CBT. Then after 5 days training, I passed my module 1 first time and my module 2 second time. Nathan was an excellent instructor, very patient. Sometimes harsh, but very fair… in other words, i deserved the kick up the backside. I would highly recommend Nathan as anyone’s motorcycle instructor.
Helen Curtis
The bike looked best on its side ok!? Still, when it was upright, it got me through the tests with some great instruction and teaching, much obliged for your patience Nathan! Tip to all: (this he’ll tell you) He doesn’t like repeating himself to the extreme, so when you’re foot’s still hovering on the back brake, or your indicator is still going off from 3 roads back, or you’re doing 40 on a 60mph road again…. he eventually stops reminding you…. this leads to considering what he’s not telling you and you remember! amazing! cheers again Nathan, i’m chuffed, see ya soon with my vfr 400!
Dave Ware
I had last ridden a bike about 18years ago on L plates, I took to the basics quite quickly. however by day 2 i was thinking do i want to ride a bike? perhaps i’ll just pass my test so i can say i’ve done it after practicing for part 1 on day 3 i felt i might not even pass! Nathan has a few tricks up his sleeve (i won’t tell you them now, you’ll find out) and i passed part 1 with a clean sheet, although i did almost fluff the parking by trying to park the bike on the examiner! part 2 i passed with one minor. that was something called ‘meeting’ which didn’t surprise Nathan ***. the ride back was wicked and i really felt like i knew what i was doing, it all seemed to come together. you’ll probably get fed up with him telling you off through the (annoyingly) one way headpiece, but stick with it and he’ll make you a biker. i’m hoping to get a job in Eastbourne – not the kind of commute i want in my car…so Bandit me thinks… cheers Nathan and Good Luck reader!
Stuart Keay
Hi folks Recently passed my test at the first attempt after a CBT and 4 days of training with Nathan, and absolutely no other experience with bikes – which I think is good testament to Nathan’s ability as an instructor! In terms of my natural talent for riding, I couldn’t turn off my indicators, control the clutch or do a U turn to save my life, but Nathan managed to iron out the creases with minutes to spare (!) in advance of my test. I had a great experience learning to ride a bike, despite the tropical weather (we fried) and the annoying headphones which don’t let you answer back when you’re getting told off for being an idiot on the roads! Challenging for sure, but great now to have the opportunity to pop the girlfriend on the back of a bike and take off into the sunset! Thanks, Nathan, and best of luck with the school
Peter Northage
well what can i say! I came to Nathan a jibbering wreck and left a wanna be biker chick! i already had my cbt and my pride and joy cbf125 but decided to to do the direct access after much discussion.I had many a panic moment which Nathan was more than happy to listen to and talk through, and after 5 mins on the 500, well poetry in motion i knew this was the right thing to do (Nathan right as usual!) there were still moments but Nathan never stopped believing in me so i began to believe in myself …he lets you know when your wrong …mutter mutter good job its one way radio!!..but he sure lets you know when your doing good with plenty of praise and those quite moments also let you know your doing good! done a silly mistake in mod 1 but 2nd attempt passed with a faultless sheet and only 2 minors in mod 2 and all thanks to a wonderful trainer and not forgetting his long suffering wife who also had to put up with my jibbering. Thanks a million guys your the best x
Jeanette O'Toole
Nathan Thanks for my CBT training & pass. Looking at all the other messages you are a top instructor, now proven to me after my days training. More funding now required, for my full course later this year. Regards Chris
Chris Maginnis
Thank you for a great days training, thought the CBT would be a waste of money, but how wrong was! Highly recommended Instructor, thanks again. Graeme.
Graeme Randall
I can’t recommend SAFERiDE enough! The website is the most informative and easy to use of all the local schools I found and was one of the few with transparent pricing and facilities for online booking. Most importantly though, Nathan is a fantastic instructor. He’s patient, quickly identifies your weaknesses and makes you work and work and work on them until they are ironed out. It may drive you mad at the time but it really does the trick! I had a real issue with right turns but by the time of my module 2 test, every one was perfect. Do anything silly and potentially unsafe and he won’t hesitate to tell you in no uncertain terms. You won’t do it again! He also tells you when you’ve done something well that you may have been struggling with, which is a real confidence boost. He reviews your progress at various points during the day, which reminds you how far you’ve come since the CBT and helps you focus on areas for improvement It’s a real personal service at SAFERiDE. You are made to feel very welcome from day one, taken to some great lunch spots rather than petrol stations for sandwiches, and given first class instruction. I enjoyed my lessons so much that after the initial elation of getting my full licence, I didn’t really know what to do with myself for the rest of the day! Thanks Nathan!
Ross Skilton
I dreamt of riding motorbikes since I was a young child, thanks to Nathan at Saferide I have now achieved this, passing first time with a clean sheet. Nathan is a great instructor who is firm but fair. He certainly makes it clear if you make a mistake but also helps you to stay relaxed when things get a bit intense and is easy to get on with. Had a great time from start to finish, i would truly recommend Saferide. Thanks Nathan.
Mark Yorkshire