Motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycle maintenance is a vital part of being a biker. Whether you’re riding a moped, scooter, or a 1000cc super sport. One thing remains true, if you look after your bike then your bike will look after you! Our “BOLTS” maintenance courses are an excellent way to learn some of the basic fundamentals you will need.

Bolts 1

BOLTS 1 by SAFERiDE is a new course designed to give you enough basic mechanical knowledge to keep your bike performing safely and efficiently.

This half day course will boost your confidence in several ways:

As a rider – knowing that you can cope with minor adjustments when no help is around.

Using garages – a little knowledge goes a long way!

Using basic hand tools – these simple skills have become obsolete for many.

Class size is a maximum of 4 students.

Course fee is £50

We will teach the basics of understanding the difference between drum & disc brakes and how the braking systems operate. You will learn how to inspect every aspect and be able to identify faults such as worn brake pads, damaged brake discs, incorrect brake fluid levels and much more.

Do you know or understand the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke engine? No, Well by the end of this session you will, along with understanding the different types of oil needed for your engine, be it mineral oil, part synthetic or fully synthetic and how to check the levels are correct.

A simple yet often overlooked job is checking the lights and the electrics are working properly. We will guide you through checking the battery, the lights and reflectors to make sure they are clean and working, and how to replace a bulb if necessary.

All to often we notice other people riding around on bikes with soft tyres! By the end of this lesson you will understand the importance of and how to check and adjust your tyre pressures, as well as inspect them for defects such as splits, bulges or simply worn out.

What is the transmission we hear you ask? By the end of this lesson you will understand the difference between automatic and manual, how to inspect and adjust your clutch cable and more importantly the drive chain making sure it is clean, well lubricated and properly adjusted.

Checking your steering is critically important, you will learn how to check the head race bearings for smooth operation and how to check for any play or signs of damage.

The suspension is a critical part of your motorbike, neglect it at your own risk! We will teach you the fundamentals skills required to inspect but the front and rear suspension and learning how to identify faults.

Our course instructor, Tony, has a wealth of experience as a rider, bike instructor, and mechanic and has a particular knack of getting the right knowledge across, and does it with patience and great humour. The courses run in small groups of no more than four so that everyone gets plenty of attention, and can work to their own level, at their own rate.

To give you the best real life experience our courses are run with the basic tools that you could carry, and with no specialist equipment. These are all procedures you can carry out at home or, where safe, at the roadside.

Bolts 2

BOLTS 2 by SAFERiDE is a more in depth course designed to give you more skills, not just how to identify a  problem but how to fix it.

The one-day course will boost your confidence in several ways:

  • Save time & money

Less time with your bike stuck in a garage & lower servicing costs.

  • Optimum performance

Low DIY costs allow more frequent part replacement giving better performance.

  • Greater independence

Be confident that you can fix common breakdowns away from home.

Class size is a maximum of 4 students

Course fee £85

In Bolts 1 we looked at how to identify the fault, now on Bolts 2 you will learn how to fix it. Replacing your own brake pads is a fairly simple task that can save you a lot of time and money. If you keep on top of the brake pads which are relatively cheap you could be saving yourself a lot of time, aggravation and money in the long run

In Bolts 1 we looked at how to check the oil levels and condition, now we will also show you how to do an oil and filter change. Good clean oil can make the world of difference to how your engine runs and performs.

Does your bike struggle to start first thing? So many faults with bikes come down to faulty battery, a poor earthing connection or a loose wire. On Bolts 1 we looked at the simple task of checking the condition, so now on Bolts 2 we will look at replacing the faulty items.
Sadly a tyre change isn’t something that can be done without specialist tools, however learning how to make a temporary puncture repair is.

Do you A) want to get back on the road in 15 minutes or B) wait for 2 hours for a recovery company to come and take you home?

Sooner or later parts need to be replaced! A well lubricated and adjusted chain will last a lot longer than a poorly maintained one, but will eventually need to be changed. By the end of this lesson you will have the skills to do it for yourself with confidence.
So in Bolts 1 you learnt the basics of how to inspect the suspension now we’re going to strip down the front end, you will learn how to replace the fork seals, springs, oil and dust seals giving you a whole new lease of life to the front suspension.

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