• Has it been a while since you last rode a motorbike
  • Have you got the desire to get back on a bike again
  • Do you want some friendly help and advice to get you back on 2 wheels safely

Maybe you should think about a back2biking course, especially if its been a long time since you’ve ridden! On the Back2Biking course we’ll focus on your needs and work together to build your confidence before you go out on your own.

We can work on a variety of riding skills including:

london city ridingIf you’re going to be commuting through the busy city centre then you’ll need a refresher on how busy it really is. You’ll need eye’s in the back of you head looking out for the pot holes, drain covers, cyclists & other road users, not to mention the noise etc. We’ll guide you through it all, leaving you with the confidence to deal with whatever the city has to offer!

urban ridingWe’re here to help guide you through the simple steps to help keep you safe whilst riding around your local suburbs . To make you aware of the best positioning for junctions, round-a-bouts, crossroads and everything in between.

coutry road ridingThis is where every motorcyclist wants to be, out on the open road! we’ll cover every aspect of how to ride safely on some of the finest twisty country roads in Sussex, making sure you know when to slow and when to go!

motorwayAre you worried about getting out on the “BIG” roads? We’ll get you fully prepared for merging onto and exiting the fast roads, as well as making sure you understand lane discipline, choice and over taking manoeuvers.

slow ridingPossibly the most important aspect of riding motorbikes is being able to keep your balance whilst slow manoeuvering. We’ll have you slaloming in & out of cones without putting a foot down in no time at all!

planningSadly too many motorcycle accidents happen due to poor planning and awareness! We’re going to make sure you have all the planning tools you need to keep you safe whilst out on 2 wheels!

Course fee: £150 our bike / £140 your bike